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The Manual is a thrice-yearly publication on web design as a discipline, capturing the voices of our profession as they explore what we do and who we are as designers.

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About The Manual

The Manual is a different sort of publication. No markup, screenshots, or tutorials—we focus our lens in bringing to you the stories of both the well-known and the quietly working designers, as they bring clarity to the why of web design, share their visions, break our hearts, stretch our minds, and move us to deeper, smarter, richer work. Let it challenge the way you think.

Inside, you’ll find six articles and six personal lessons from six different authors, in a beautiful hardbound book with a textured, handcrafted feel, and an elegant foil-stamped cover. Each issue comes in a different color, present in the hues of the exceptional illustrations paired with each article, author portraits, and cloth-covered spine which will stand out on your bookshelf.

The craft of design is more than just technique. The Manual serves as an important home for thinking about Why we do our work, and it does so with poise and beauty.

— Frank Chimero

The web design industry has long been crying out for some intelligent, critical thinking, and The Manual delivers in abundance, presenting it all in a beautiful package.

— Elliot Jay Stocks

Spending so much of our time behind glowing screens, it’s always refreshing to read from something tangible. The Manual takes this to a whole new level.

— Dan Cederholm